Residential and
Commercial Solar Power
Solutions & Repairs

We’re a team of experienced solar power specialists. So when it comes to finding the right solar
solution, we can help. Climate Change Solutions Solar provides homeowners, businesses
and commercial establishments with energy-saving systems.

State of the Art Technology

State of the Art Technology

State of the Art Technology

Welcome to Climate Change Solutions, we specialize in small to commercial size Solar panel systems at prices that requires no initial outlay. We offer the latest technology in solar installations, at a price that leaves you cash positive straight away.
Here we don’t believe in sacrificing quality of product. We calculate a financial analysis with each tailored system, given piece of mind and knowledge of return on investment. Climate Change Solutions offers a 360 degree approach to servicing our customers needs, long after we’ve installed. A trusted team with local presence, who’s proudly Australian owned.

Features We Have Which Enhance Us

Building & Maintaining The Energy
Infrastructures Throughout The World

The Solar Power

Over 6 years of
specialist experience.


German Engineered

The product is German engineered leading the way in todays market as a high performance & long lasting product.

Canadian Solar

Innovative and reliable

Reliable, innovative and a panel that so many Australian’s have on there roof.


Making affordable profitable

Growatt are affordable and durable, have worked with this brand with single and 3 phase.

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Get The Right Facts & Clients Testimonials

Get The Right Facts & Clients

Brands you can trust

German, Canadian & European Tier 1 brands.

Brands are essential when it comes to yield. If you buy on price you pay twice! Because quality is often sacrificed when it comes to price, and often overlooked when it comes to purchase.
Remember you only do this once every 25 years, not 3 times over the same period. If the company is 5 years into manufacturing, what is the point of having a 25 year warranty, at Climate Change Solutions we install systems that have been tried and tested in the desert, cyclone’s and the harshest terrain, that have been long established. Solar quality will give you a greater return than an inferior product that’s appealing to the back pocket.





$0 upfront Solar energy systems

Pay less for solar then you would for your electricity bill, lowering your household expenses.

Climate Change Solutions offers $0 upfront installation using green energy loans. You don’t have to wait until you have the money upfront to lower your weekly or monthly expenses. All systems are tailored to your energy consumption and designed to ensure you will pay less for the system than you would on your electricity bill. Contact our team today, and deal with one of our experts.

Switch onto Solar with Community
First Credit Union

As one of Sydney’s largest community-based Credit Unions, Community First’s Green Loan helps put the cost of installing solar panels within easy reach. The possible ongoing energy savings you could enjoy may make your solar panel installation easier to afford.A Green Loan from Community First Credit Union is a low rate unsecured personal loan that can be used to finance the purchase of approved environmentally friendly products such as solar panels and energy storage such as a battery system.

Why choose Community First’s Green Loan?

How to apply

Apply now and get a response within 30 minutes. Here are a few things to have ready before you apply;
Once you apply, one of Community First’s Sales Consultants will contact you to discuss your application and request any other supporting documents we may require.